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Bible Baptist Church of New Port Richey began as burden from the Lord in the heart of Pastor James Johnson.  For many years Pastor Johnson had a burden for an area in Florida called Spring Hill.  Pastor Johnson prayed for God's leading, and for his timing for this burden in his heart to come to fruition.
While waiting for that time to come, Pastor Johnson attended college days at Heartland Baptist College.  He was looking for a man which would become his Youth Director at his church.  Upon setting up several meetings with prospective men for this ministry, a man walked in which was the oldest attending student of Heartland Baptist Bible College, Bro. Crump (now Pastor Crump).  Pastor Johnson asked this man, "You're a little old to be a Youth Pastor aren't you?"  Bro. Crump responded, "I'm not looking for Youth Pastor position, I thought this was a meeting for an Associate Pastor position."  They both laughed at the mistake, and decided to have their set meeting any way. 
In that meeting Pastor Johnson knew that the Lord wanted Bro. Crump and his family to be apart of the ministry of Bible Baptist Church in Palm Harbor, Florida.  The two set a time for Bro. Crump and his wife, Elaine, to come down and visit the ministry, and pray for God's leading as to where He wanted them and their family to serve the Lord.  While visiting the church, and experiencing the ministry first hand, all parties involved knew that the Lord wanted Bro. Crump and his family to serve at Bible Baptist Church of Palm Harbor.
After a short time of service together in the ministry, Pastor Johnson and Bible Baptist Church ordained Bro. Crump.  Some more time passed and Pastor Johnson revealed to Pastor Crump the burden in his heart for the lost souls of Spring Hill, Florida.  After much prayer and seeking the Lords face, Bible Baptist Church of Palm Harbor, knew it was time to plant another church in Spring Hill.  On November 6, 2005 the first service was held in a store front off County Line Rd. in Spring Hill.  Pastor Crump felt lead of the Lord to become the Pastor of Bible Baptist Church.  He took the position which God had called him to February 5, 2006.
Upon those humble beginnings in the store front, and much stretching of our faith as individuals and a church, God brought us to our current location.  We were able to purchase the building we now worship together in from a previous church which had lost its fire for God.  Now, We are striving to reach our community, and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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